Sennheiser takes aim at Beats with new Urbanite headphones

Some folks enjoy a load of bass when it comes to their headphone selection. That's fine, and you won't get any judgment here. In fact, Sennheiser has taken notice, revealing its new Urbanite on-ear and over-ear (XL) headphones designed with a healthy portion of low-end tones. Claiming to keep "bringing the bass for an intense club experience on the move," the duo does indeed pack some thump while keeping the company's trademark clarity throughout. Don't expect anything overkill here. The cans have an in-line remote, stainless steel hinges for folding down to pack away, cloth-draped headbands, soft-wrapped earpads and aluminum sliders that adjust for a comfy fit. The company says it's these "high quality materials" that set the new wares apart from what the likes of Beats and others have released. It's looking to compete in the color department too, as six different schemes across iOS and Android/Windows models (including a denim option) are sure to suit most tastes. While the $199 on-ear Urbanite model goes on sale today, the $249 over-ear Urbanite XL is set to arrive in Q4.

In addition to its more fashion-focused headphone duo, Sennheiser added another entry in its popular Momentum line that already touts on-ear and over-ear options. Now, there's an in-ear model too, so all of the listening bases are covered. Once again, there are options for iOS and Android/Windows gadgets that have a polycarbonate and stainless steel construction with tangle-free elliptical cables. As you've probably gathered from the image above, there's an in-line remote for controls and taking calls, too. The Momentum in-ears will arrive in Q4 as well, but they'll only set you back $99.