Tim Cook says new security alerts for Apple's iCloud are coming soon

Although Apple's initial response to a recent release of stolen celebrity photos stated that its iCloud and Find My iPhone systems had not been breached, now CEO Tim Cook is talking about how to beef up its security. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Cook said that several changes are coming very soon, with email and push notifications to alert users any time someone tries to change their iCloud password, restore data to a new device or add a new device to an account. When the notifications pop up, users can respond by changing their password or alerting Apple to a possible breach. Those changes are due in two weeks, however Cook reaffirmed that criminals gained access to victim's accounts by using phishing scams to get their IDs and passwords, or answering their security questions. In response, Apple is also going to start pushing two-factor authentication harder (which currently does not cover access to iCloud from a mobile device, but will after the release of iOS 8), and Cook said its aim will be to increase "awareness" of hackers, and using security measures like strong passwords -- we'll see if there are any other security changes revealed during next week's new iPhone event.