Doge Blast is wow such fun

Level up screen in Doge Blast

Doge Blast is a silly casual game filled with references to popular video games, movies, memes, and other geekery. That great meme dog Doge is the hero in Doge Blast and players launch Doge from a cannon into a crazy world brimming with ceiling cats, evil raccoons, and basement horses. Think of it as if the madness of the internet was let loose on a relatively peaceful land with double rainbows galore. Doge Blast is playable on iOS devices running 4.3 or later.

Players start Doge Blast by holding a finger down on the Doge character which aims the cannon and release when the bar on the left side turns green to send Doge hurtling toward all the fantastic meme goodness. The goal of the game is to see how far you can get in feet and also height. You earn XP while your character flies and avoids the ground for as long as possible. If you hit the ground, your character will bounce for a little while before stopping which means you can potential keep going for awhile if you hit enough obstacles that throw you into the air.

Demon long cat chases Doge in Doge Blast

The Doge character can be leveled up when the XP bar reaches the right side of the screen. After each level up, it takes a little bit more XP to level up again which makes the abilities you level more important as you may not get to level up again for awhile. There are four abilities to level up in Doge Blast: aerodynamics, bounciness, friction, and luck. The aerodynamics ability helps your character fly further through the level. The bounciness ability helps Doge bounce higher when running into obstacles or the ground. The friction ability reduces drag and helps you go faster. Luck helps players avoid unlucky obstacles like the demon long cat which will cause Doge to fall down.

After each run, players can purchase power ups and cannons with Doge dollars, the in game currency. Cannons help Doge get further in the level, the better cannons cost more Doge dollars. The power up items that can be purchased are: can-o-beans, DogeCola and Dentos, jetpack, stimpack, shield, and XP boost.

The can-o-beans humorously boosts Doge higher into the air. DogeCola and Dentos is a parody of cola and Mentos which also boost Doge into the air but more powerful. The jetpack is really nice as it boosts your character into the air while also floating a little in the air which helps you get further distance wise. The stimpack helps Doge continue going after stopping which is beneficial for those who are doing really well and want to keep it up. The shield power up prevents Doge from being affected by an obstacle that could cut your journey through the land of memes short. The last power up, an XP boost, costs the most and is one of the most beneficial power ups in the game as it gives you five boosts, one per launch which helps you level up quicker.

Doge with jetpack power up in Doge Blast

Doge Blast features a minor story mode in the form of an occasional pop up in the corner of the screen that players can tap to pause the main game and bring up a funny story line focusing around the standard hero, a girl the hero likes, and an evil villain plot. The story adds a little variety to the base gameplay which is refreshing and compliments the humorous theme seen throughout. The story mode rewards players by providing extra XP and sometimes Doge dollars which is a nice incentive for players to keep following the story.

The main gameplay gets a little repetitive but certain obstacles Doge interacts with offer mini games like a Flappy Bird clone that help keep the game from becoming boring. This is fascinating and encourages players to keep going just to uncover the other geekery.

Story popup referencing the hello this is dog meme in Doge Blast

Doge Blast is a fun game that doesn't take itself too seriously and it really is a blast to play. Doge Blast is free on the App Store and Advice Mallard recommends downloading it if only for the meme references.