TiVo proves that 'size matters' with absurd 26,000-hour DVR

TiVo has taken the TV-watching to a new, insane dimension with the Mega, a rack-mountable, 24TB DVR that will cost around $5,000. That trumps its current flagship Roamio Pro's 4TB storage by sixfold and makes it look quaint in comparison. Like that box, the Mega supports six channels of simultaneous recording, built-in transcoding, multi-room capability and live streaming to smartphones or tablets. In addition, it uses RAID 5 and hot-swappable drives, so that you won't lose your Shark Week marathon in case of a hard disk failure.

While the Mega seems like overkill in nearly every way, TiVo explained that "size matters -- people hate being forced to delete cool stuff from their DVR." That shouldn't be a problem, since the new system brings 4,000 hours of HD recording, or nearly 26,000 hours at regular SD resolution. However, with the five grand price tag, you'll need to both be rich and have a lot of time to watch TV, a market segment we doubt is all that large. However, with a full keyboard, Ethernet and a recording scheduler, it could also appeal to video producers or broadcasters who need to track and store a lot of content. The Mega will arrive early next year along with final pricing, but if you're interested, beware -- it's not likely to fit under your TV stand.