Samsung's Gear S hits the runway with Diesel Black Gold for New York Fashion Week

When we saw Samsung's Gear S curved smartwatch last week, we said its design, "feels functional, but also like an afterthought." The 2-inch behemoth certainly doesn't blend into outfits as much as it becomes the centerpiece, for better or worse. Diesel Black Gold -- the even more expensive, "premium" line of the Diesel clothing brand -- is apparently down with that, and is working with Samsung on a variety of "unique" bands (seen above). That's pretty much all the news there is about these so far -- no pricing or release dates were given -- but check out this amazing sentence from the announcement, describing the bands:

"Elements of the SS 15 collection, inspired by highly stylized New Wave rock stars and tough rockabilly heroines, have been used to give a sharp attitude to the device, characterized by signature leather and metal details."

Delightful! The Stray Cats and Siouxsie and the Banshees clearly influenced the above design. And yes, they are just a series of colored bands for holding the Gear S. If that weren't enough, the debut of said bands is being captured in 360-degree film and released for Samsung's virtual reality headset, Gear VR, when it launches later this fall with the Note 4 smartphone. That is some serious crossbranding, y'all. Crossbanding? Sorry, we'll see ourselves out.