Super high-quality music streaming is coming to your Sonos speakers thanks to Deezer

As a rule, streaming internet music has meant settling for lower-quality compressed audio. That's a bit of a disservice to pricier audio setups like Sonos' speaker line, don't you think? Apparently, Deezer agrees. It just launched Deezer Elite, a new subscription option that pipes lossless, FLAC-encoded tunes solely to Sonos devices. Provided you have the right equipment, you'll hear truer-to-life songs without having to download full-fledged copies to your computer or mobile devices.

Like the notion of pristine streaming? The service is available in the US today, and starts at $10 per month if you're willing to commit to a year. Otherwise, you're paying $20 on a month-to-month basis. At the yearly rate, you might see the allure over the good-but-not-great 320Kbps audio quality of rivals like Spotify. With that said, Deezer Elite only really makes sense if you have nicer Sonos gear, like the Play:5 or dual Play:3 units -- you're probably not going to notice the difference on an entry-level Play:1 sitting in the kitchen.