Wings Over Atreia: The spoils of Aion's fifth anniversary

Another year has flown by! Aion is turning five years old, and that means it's time for Daevas to enjoy cake and presents during the nearly month-long birthday bash. What goodies are in store during this year's North American festivities? Associate Product Manager Sean Orlikowski has shared with us the schedule of events that span from today until October 8th; it includes contests, buffs, double drop rates, and a special anniversary-day GM hosted event. There's also a special new Daevonian armor set for only 1 NCoin (which is practically free) that even new players can use.

All-but-free Daevonian armor for all

Who doesn't love free -- or practically free -- stuff? For a limited time, all players can get a new special Daevanion armor set for next nothing. And by nothing, we mean a single NCoin. Each player can acquire one set for only one NCoin during the anniversary period. Not only is this set unique in looks, but it can be worn be any Daeva -- that means any toon level 10 or higher. But just because the lowest of levels can wear it doesn't mean it isn't powerful; this special armor set grants level 50-60 stats as well as set bonuses. For those who want, additional sets can also be bought for a limited time to gussy up any alts.

September 10th to October 2nd: Facebook Caption Contest

While the main events run from September 17th until October 8th, NCSoft's North American West team is kicking the celebration off early with something new this year. Starting today, there will be contests and giveaways on social media where players can win prizes. Twice a week there will be a new screenshot posted on Facebook, and players will have approximately an hour to caption it for a chance at winning either a Porgus costume or the Joyful Daeva costume. Players can watch for these screenshots today and Friday this week, then Mondays and Thursdays for the rest of the event.

September 10th to October 1st: Daily Twitter code giveaway

In addition to the Facebook contest, Twitter followers have a daily chance to nab a prize. The team will post a code with a single digit missing, and the first player to determine the missing digit and enter the code wins it. Available prizes are either a 30-Day Sharptooth Steamrunner mount, an Aether Flame (for the buff cake), or two Romantic Dye Bundles; players, however, won't know which prize they've won until the code is redeemed.

September 17th to October 8th: Daeva's Day celebration!

Come next week, the rest of the festivities get going. Starting on the 17th and running throughout the celebration, the drop rates will be double throughout Atreia -- including in all the instances! If you've been trying to get something special (perhaps finishing off an armor set), now is a good time to try for it.

As in previous years, Daevas will enjoy special cake buffs. Each week will feature one of three buffs, with the buffs changing at maintenance on Wednesdays. Additionally, the Aether Flame cake, first introduced a couple of years ago, will return. Daevas may remember this cake as the ultimate mega AoE buffer! Aether Flames, which can be found as drops throughout the world or bought in the Black Cloud Marketplace, grant massive buffs to everyone on the area when added to the special cake in each capital city. Buffs include serious leveling speed boosts, drop rate boosts, and attack speed increases with cast time speed decreases.

September 22nd: Special in-game GM event

Although Orlikowski did not give many specifics on this event, veterans may remember the gigantic boss spawns in the capital cities of previous years and the loot-filled cakes. Daevas will want to stay tuned for more details about this special day.

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