Paul McCartney didn't receive a check for his Destiny work

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Paul McCartney didn't receive a check for his Destiny work
Paul McCartney contributed to Destiny's soundtrack, but he didn't do it for the money – because there was none, Bungie Community Manager Eric Osbourne told Vulture.

"There was no check involved, big or otherwise," Osbourne said. "He's in it for the creativity. He got a wonderful opportunity to reach an audience that wouldn't typically be immersed in Paul McCartney. They might hear the name – of course he's everywhere, the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, the Olympics, obviously he's touring and recording nonstop – but he sees it as a way to reach a new audience that might not otherwise hear his music."

McCartney contributed orchestral elements to Destiny's soundtrack and he wrote the single that plays over the credits, though a team of composers scored the game and they "put in a lot of work," Osbourne said.

Osbourne also touched on Activision CEO Bobby Kotick's claim that the company is "making a $500 million" bet on Destiny. "None of that is true," Osbourne said. "You really have to get a quote from Bobby to fully understand it, but I suppose what he was getting at was what Activision was willing to invest in the project and the IP over its life. There's no P&L statement anywhere where all these numbers add up to $500 million. It's not even close at this point, for development and marketing." As we noted when that number first emerged, Activision has a 10-year plan for Destiny and the company is proficient at cultivating long-standing franchises.
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