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Ricoh's WG-M1 is an action camera from the people that make Pentax

Dizzying first-person footage? Check. Skate/parkour/longboard adrenaline ride? Check. Ricoh (perhaps better known for its Pentax brand) knows what action camera buyers want. Or at least the category's marketing staples. Its latest cam is the Ricoh WG-M1, and it's aimed squarely at the Blanchards and Bruscos of this world. It shoots full HD, takes 14-megapixel stills, has WiFi, is waterproof to over 30 feet and sports an LCD display -- all good stuff. But there's one big question -- does it come with a carabiner-equipped strap for easy carrying? Glad you asked, the press materials say yes. The camera will cost $300 when it shoulders its way onto shelves in October, so plenty of time to look up what a carabiner is.