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Line of Defense targets September 16th for early access

line of defense

Line of Defense is just a few short days from beginning its early access program, which will begin on Tuesday, September 16th. Fans of the game can go ahead and buy their way into it with one of three early access packages.

However, from now until the 16th, the early access packs are half-off on Steam. So instead of costing between $40 and $100, they currently range from $20 to $50 for this limited time.

What will Line of Defense's early access content look like? It will mostly be sight-seeing, as we understand it. According to a dev post on Steam, players will be able to check out the Heatwave starbase and poke around a nearby orbiting Starguard carrier. "Since this is a world testing build, no weapons, vehicles, aircrafts, inventory items, etc. are player usable. You will be able to explore both of these massive areas and carry out various actions," the early access FAQ states.