A GIF is worth a thousand words thanks to an iOS custom keyboard

Admittedly there are some things better said with a GIF than with words. But the folks behind PopKey seem to think that everything can be said better with a short looped animation. The app is a custom keyboard for iOS 8 that swaps letters and numbers for your favorite reaction GIFs. Did your friend say something stupid? Why tell him he's an idiot with old fashioned words when Scar can do it so much better. Once it's available you'll be able to bring up PopKey simply by tapping the globe icon in the bottom of your iOS keyboard. Then you can choose from a host of hand-selected GIFs or even upload your own for a custom keyboard. You can browse your options either as images, or search by keywords like "clapping" or "facepalm." You will have to long press the image you want, then long press in the iMessage window to paste your GIF of choice, but it's definitely a lot quicker then firing up Safari, doing a Google image search, finding what you want, copying that, then opening your text message to reply. Sadly (or thankfully, depending on your perspective) there's no word on when PopKey will launch just yet, but you can sign up to be notified at the website.