Etsy bans sale of questionable Washington Redskins merch

The debate over the appropriateness of the Washington Redskins' name has been raging for what seems like ages now, and even homegrown e-commerce operations are feeling the effects. Consider Etsy, for instance. The fast-growing purveyor of neat and offbeat products recently updated its policies to ban the sale of any merch with the Redskins' name or logo. Washington's trademark burgundy and gold are still in the clear, as is the word "Washington" itself... and that's about it. Etsy has already started reaching out to sellers whose wares run afoul of the new rule, but it'll probably be a while before the site is fully purged. Just take a look: here's still plenty of seemingly verboten Redskins-branded swag to be found on Etsy at this point, while sellers of more innocuous wares (like a HTTR "Hail to the Redskins" wristband that doesn't actually say "Redskins") are being told they're out of luck. It's possible that the furor over the Redskins name could come to a close soon - NFL commissioner Roger Goodell threw his support behind Redskins' owner Daniel Snyder, but his tenure might not last much longer as a result of his handling of Ray Rice's domestic abuse controversy.