Netflix officially says 'enchanté' to France

Netflix's next big push into Europe isn't exactly secret, but its plans are finally starting to bear fruit. As announced in a not-so-subtle tweet earlier tonight, the streaming media service has finally launched in France, and it's expected to go live in five other countries later this week, too. The kicker? France hasn't exactly been thrilled with the idea of an American media company swooping in and romancing its customers with the lure of Orange Is The New Black or (the seriously excellent) Bojack Horseman. Competitors like CanalPlay, a video-on-demand service run by Canal+, have been busy fleshing out their catalogs and snapping up rights to shows like House of Cards while Numericable just gave its customers free access to hundreds of shows to boot. Still others are a little miffed that Netflix isn't technically subject to a rule that would mandate that the service offer a full 40 percent of the media Netflix provides be French in origin. Naturally Netflix knows it can't win over French hearts and minds by flouting rules, so it's busy prepping content (like the dramatic Marseille) to help get the ball rolling.