64/128GB iPhone 6/6 Plus come with pre-installed iWork, iLife

Free apps that come with iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Waiting for your 64GB or 128GB iPhone 6 Plus or iPhone 6 to show up on Friday? Apple's going to have a little surprise loaded on the device when you get it -- the iWork and iLife apps, which are of course a free download anyway, will come pre-installed on your new toy.

According to an "internal training document" that 9to5Mac apparently got its hands on, "iMovie, GarageBand, Keynote, Pages, Numbers, and iTunes U are included on the 64GB and 128GB models." The document notes that those are a free download for owners of the 16GB models.

What's quite nice about this is that it should speed up the reload of apps on your new device from an iCloud backup, since these rather sizable apps won't have to be downloaded during restoration.