A look at new nautical monsters from the Korean ArcheAge

Leviathan, Leviathan (Endless)!  Leviathan, Leviathan (Send us)!  Leviathan, Leviathan (Breathless)!  Leviathan, Leviathan (Deathless)!

After a wait so long that more or less everyone could be forgiven for thinking it would never happen, ArcheAge has finally entered its early access period here in America. But that doesn't mean you don't have more to look forward to. Over on YouTube, InporylemQQ has taken a peek at a pair of nautical additions coming to the Korean version of the game, major PvE monsters meant to challenge players.

The first foe on display is a massive sea beast that's easily larger than the vessel of the player in the video; it gets a few good hits on the ship before it slips beneath the waves. There's also a ghost ship that fires cannon at the player. Both appear to be high-end monsters meant to challenge players with adequate gear, and both were added in patch 1.7 -- which means that they're a fair way off in the game's updates in the West. Think of them as coming attractions.

[Thanks to Karl for the tip!]