Play 3DS games on Oculus Rift (some assembly required)

Got a little too much money and an abundance of gaming gadgetry on your hands? Here's a weekend project that may be right up your alley. As demonstrated by KatsuKity, the makers of a 3DS capture card, you can rig up a way to play your favorite games on an Oculus Rift complete with those rad stereoscopic 3D effects (assuming the game in question actually has them). It's actually pretty simple once everything's hooked up -- KatsuKity's viewer software has been updated with support for the DK2, so once your tiny console is sending 3D video to your PC, you shouldn't have much trouble running that into your Rift. As for how you get that capture card up and running in the first place... well, that's another story entirely. You can either buy a a capture board and shoehorn it into your 3DS yourself, or take the easy way out and purchase a pre-modded unit. It's a pretty proposition either way, but it may just be a small price to pay to catch a few glimpses of Super Smash Brothers in three dimensions.