Light in the Dark is a bright addition to puzzle games

Players position light emitting Totems to shine on baby Totems and avoid waking up a mummy in Light in the Dark

Light in the Dark is an adorable puzzle game where players control brightly colored characters called Totems on their quest to find their children. Each level consists of moving one or more Totems, which shine a colorful beam of light in all directions. Players will need to use objects like walls and boxes to avoid hitting monsters with the light. However, you'll also need to shine light on the Totem children and stars. Players can get up to three stars in each level and unlocking packs of levels along with certain challenge levels. Light in the Dark is compatible with iOS devices running iOS 5.1 or later.

A cute theme runs through Light in the Dark with bright colors, adorable character design, and gentle bouncing animations on the characters. This style is highly reminiscent of the art and UI style of Cut the Rope. Opening the game for the first time, there is a feeling of familiarity when looking at the art style and level select screens.

The puzzle gameplay, however, is very different as players start out trying to get the correct colored light to shine on the child with that color. In some later levels, players have to blend colors to make the correct shade to match the child. Puzzle designs vary with easy levels where players use a box to block light from hitting a monster. Later hard stages include bouncing light off of mirrors, directing light toward switches to open doors while simultaneously trying to get all the stars in the level. The puzzles have good pacing, not too hard to solve early on and players get to build up skills to beat tougher levels as they go on.

Players learn to rotate a mirror to shine light on a baby Totem in Light in the Dark

Each level offers a different challenge and obstacles that make solving the puzzles even more challenging but retains the fun aspect of each puzzle. Currently, there are 96 levels to play through, including 16 challenge levels spanning one world. These levels are a lot of fun and provide a nice variety of puzzle concepts for players to try and master. Players are awarded achievements, such as when they complete a pack of levels or get three stars in each level. Light in the Dark has Game Center support which means players can compete against their friends to see who is the puzzle master.

If a level is too challenging for players, they can use a hint which shows where an object or character should go. These hints are very useful if players feel stuck on a level. By watching ads, players can get more hints if they don't want to pay for hints. Another useful feature is color blind mode which is great for making the game fun for people who might have trouble distinguishing between the colors. Players can pick from four different color modes: default, deuteranopia, protanopia, and tritanopia. The last three modes are helpful for players who are red-green color blind or blue-yellow color blind.

Light in the Dark offers modes which allow color blind players to partake in the fun puzzles

Light in the Dark is a fun puzzle game with an interesting game mechanic of using lights to solve puzzles. Light in the Dark is US$1.99 on the App Store and recommended for players who enjoy adorable puzzle games like Cut the Rope.