Corner the fantasy football market with Stadium Stock Exchange

Stadium Stock Market Exchange screen shots

At this time of year it appears just about everyone is involved in fantasy football in one way or another. You can enter a league and draft or buy your individual players who score points for you. In an app I reviewed earlier, Big Play Scoring, users select offensive, defensive, and special teams units for each day an NFL game is played and receive points for the big plays those units make. Now you can do a fantasy investment in time and college football teams with Stadium Stock Exchange, a universal app that requires iOS 7.1

Stadium Stock Exchange treats each major college football team as if it was a stock available on the stock market. Users are provided with a $100,000 portfolio that they invest through buying shares in different college teams. The value of each team is determined by how many victories the team is expected to achieve during this season. Each win is worth $10 towards the stock price.

For example Clemson's value at the time I did this review was $97.91 per share or a projection that the Tigers will win nine to ten games this year. If you think Clemson will win ten, you can buy shares and if they do the stock price will rise. However if they only win nine or fewer, the stock price will fall. Each team works the same way. So if a team goes through the season unbeaten and wins the National Championship its stock will be worth $150 and if that team instead ends up 10-3 the stock will only be worth $100.

Stadium Stock Market Exchange screenshots

Just like the real stock market Stadium Stock Exchange allows you to buy and sell teams at any point during the season. As other users make decisions on buying and selling shares of the teams, those decisions will impact the price of your investments. If a lot of people decide to buy the price will move up and likewise drop if users dump that team.

Stadium Stock Market Exchange screenshots

The goal is to find teams that are under valued: projected to win fewer games than you think they will. Buy that team and watch the share price zoom upwards as the wins keep coming. If you find a team you think is valued too highly you can short the stock just like on the real stock market so you are betting on the price being lower at the end of the season than at the time you put in the short order.

The goal is simple. He who has the most money at the end wins. Carefully build your portfolio through wise investment and receive a big payoff at the end. If you are a big college football fan, I think Stadium Stock Exchange clearly offers a different and interesting approach to fantasy football.