Multitasking's new look in iOS 8: Quick Contacts

In iOS 8, the multitasking interface -- which can be accessed by double pressing on the home button -- now includes a listing of your most recent contacts for quick and easy access. The individual you interacted with last -- either via text message, FaceTime, or an old fashioned phone call -- will appear up on the left most side of the listed series of names.

Here's what it looks like.

Tapping on an individual photo will bring to the screen quick-tap icons than can then be used to initiate a phone call, send a text message, or start a FaceTime call if the recipient has it enabled. If you inadvertently bring up these options, simply tap on the photo again to return to the main multitasking view.

All in all, this provides an intuitive and extremely streamlined way for users to initiate various types of conversations without having to jump around between various apps and search for specific contacts.

But Apple went a step further and made keeping up with often used contacts even easier.

If you bring up the multitasking interface and slide your list of recent contacts to the right, you'll notice that the list is updated to include individuals who have been designated as "favorites" from your contact list. This is a great shortcut that enables you to quickly get in touch with the people you interact with the most.