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Retro? Modern? This home-brew NES game is both

Retro gaming projects on Kickstarter are pretty common, but here's one that's a bit different: a game cartridge that, when plugged into the original Nintendo Entertainment System, plays an 8-bit game, and when plugged into a Mac or PC (via USB) plays a modern version of the same game. Perhaps the coolest aspect is that the two versions will interact with each other; an ability or weapon unlocked in one is available to futz with in its cousin. That is, if the project's Kickstarter is funded, of course. As Mystic Searches' project lead Joe Granato IV tells it, the concept comes from a design document he drew up, quite literally, as a seven year-old back in the '80s.

The crowdfunding campaign is a bit more ambitious than just releasing the game, however, as Granato is flexing his muscles as a filmmaker to chronicle the campaign and development process too. He's secured a few high-profile names from the homebrew and retro-gaming community to appear as well, including Shovel Knight developer Yacht Club Games. As of this writing, Mystic Searches is about a third of the way toward its funding goal with 30 days left. Ten bucks gets you a digital copy of the game, but, if you're feeling particularly spendy, the team will bring your game idea to life for a cool $10,000. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some couch cushions to dig through.