Toshiba's shift away from consumer PCs means 900 lost jobs

Toshiba has been slinging Satellites and Qosmios and Kirabooks for basically ages now, but its days a purveyor of consumer computers may be winding down in a market near you. According to a statement the company issued last night, it's shifting its focus a bit -- the big priority is now crafting PCs to woo business customers, and Toshiba's going to cut about 900 jobs as part of the transition. Don't fret too much, though: Toshiba might be looking to streamline its consumer computer operations, but it's not going to give up entirely. To hear them tell it, the new Toshiba will "withdraw from unprofitable markets" and continue bringing those consumer-friendly PCs to developed countries, though we're still not sure how its mix of gadgets will wax and wane 'round those parts. The move will be a somber one in some places (especially for anyone who'll soon be out of a job) but there's not much else to be done -- the global PC market may not be shrinking as fast as some thought it would, but the seas are still rough for companies trying to plot a course to PC profitability.