Vimeo snags 'MST3K' catalog and exclusive access to future releases

If Vimeo's determined to develop a pay-per-view streaming service, then the outfit is going about it in a rather strange way. The website has signed a deal with Mystery Science Theater 3000's distributors to bring 80 "cleared" episodes to the site's on-demand platform. Because of the myriad rights issues that surround the show, more than half of the episodes aren't legally available. Of course, that doesn't mean that you can't find them if you've got some time, a lax attitude to intellectual property and don't mind typing in phrases like "mst3k.s08.e20" into YouTube. If, however, you'd prefer to get your stuff through legitimate channels, you'll be able to rent each movie for $3, buy them for $10 or purchase the whole collection for a heavily discounted $300.

But wait, there's more! Because if you do splash out on the bulk purchase, you'll also be given any future releases that come out between now and September 17th, 2016. That's because the site has gained exclusive access to any future online releases, at least for the next year, which could total as many as 12 previously unreleased movies. Of course, titles will remain on Netflix and Hulu (for now) as well as iTunes and Amazon Instant Video, so you've really not got any more reason to trot out that old quote about circulating tapes. Still, between this and distributing the Joss Whedon-written In Your Eyes, it's clear that Vimeo's executive team are geeks at heart.