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The portable pop-up gaming room is here

Privacy. Sometimes we all crave a little. "Bocchi tent" is a 1.3 x 1.3-meter, soft-cornered cube that maker Bibi Lab reckons offers the "ultimate gaming space." With a slender gossamer wall between you and the rest of humanity, there's a degree of sensorial blockage, but we could, obviously, still hear the din of the Tokyo Game Show floors -- headphones will be necessary if you're looking to block out Other People. (The computer inside didn't even have any games! What a waste.)

With all the space-age science of a pop-up tent, open up the storage pouch and the temporary gaming den makes itself -- you'll just have to add the furniture (and well, gaming hardware), yourself. The tent is set to retail for 5,000 yen in Japan -- and if you're particularly taken with the idea of your own flatpack Internet Cafe, at least it should fit in your suitcase.