Amazing Brick is amusing, but not amazing

Amazing Brick Home Screen

Amazing Brick is a puzzle game that involves repeated tapping to maneuver a diamond shape (assumably, the brick) past obstacles.The app is available for the iPhone and iPad. I played the version optimized for iPhone 5. To play, you tap multiple times and use the position of the tap to move the diamond forward left or right. Once the diamond hits a wall, the game is completely over. There are no difficulty settings in this version, which is unfortunate because it is an extremely challenging game.

The upwards movement from just one tap is so fast that to be able to play this game for more than 1 minute I think you would have to have the fastest fingers known to man. I was able to only play this game for 10 seconds or less.

Amazing Brick

Despite this, I kept playing and couldn't understand why at first, given how frustrating it is to play the game for any significant duration of time. There was something very funny about the contrasting combination of the soft piano music and the cartoonish sound effects that go off while the diamond moves forward and eventually hits a brick wall. I felt like a silly character in a comedy sketch whose gimmick is constantly dying from running into brick walls. It's a cruel joke and for some reason I just kept failing at this game and laughing.

Amazing Brick Screenshot

The name of the game is really terrible. The creator seems to be aware of this, as the description in the App Store indicates: 'I'm not an amazing brick as named by my stupid creator.'

What is so amazing about the brick? It just propels forward very quickly into a wall and then it dies instantly. It's a funny game but 'amazing' is clearly and comically an ill-used word here, whether done purposefully or not.

Amazing Brick is too silly to become addicted to, but it is a pretty amusing app to laugh at and share with friends. Sharing this app could even be a prank of sorts. You could convince your more gullible pals that you play this game with skill and then watch them crash and burn to a hilarious soundtrack. I am really interested to hear if any other users are indeed able to get very high scores in this game and how they managed to do it. I would consider their tapping skills nothing short of "amazing."