RoboRun Space: Run robot run!

Players avoid hitting plasma, astroids, and other hazards in RoboRun Space

Players tap on a little robot to make him jump and hover to avoid the obstacles in RoboRun Space. Frantically try to avoid running into vertical pipes and electric wires called plasma in a space station. You are probably thinking this sounds a lot like Flappy Bird but in space, and it pretty much is, however, some Flappy Bird fans will appreciate the addition of more obstacles and playing as an adorable robot with stylish jetpack boots. RoboRun Space is compatible with iOS devices running iOS 4.3 or later.

The space theme of RoboRun Space is pretty fun with a petite robot against bright blue and white plasma strings, dark metal pipes, and terrifying astroids. There is a barren mars like backdrop seen through the windows, adding a slight warmth to the overall cold metallic feel of the rest of the level. The appearance of 2D graphics with a parallax background really gives depth to the environment. The background image outside the windows repeats which is a little distracting. As players are focused more on avoiding collisions with obstacles, the repetitive background won't bother them that much.

The astroids are a nice feature that add a little complexity to the base gameplay. The appearance of astroids keeps players on their toes as these obstacles can spawn anywhere and players have to pay attention to when the exclamation mark appears on screen as it indicates where the astroid will show up.

A exclamation mark shows up at the edge of the screen to warn players of an incoming astroid obstacle in RoboRun Space

Another feature that helps keep the repetitive action feeling fresh is that the levels feel procedurally generated. If a player is in a level that starts off really hard and they run into something, when they try again, they feel more prepared for the obstacles making it feel easier. This is nice for people who haven't played this type of game before to be able to get into the game quickly and start progressing. Players feel accomplished when they make it further than they did in the last run and when they beat their friend's record in friendly Game Center competitions.

There are a couple of drawbacks in the game overall, one being the speed of the robot in the beginning of RoboRun Space. When players first tap on the robot to start the game they are boosted forward, which makes players think this is the speed of the entire game but it isn't. In actuality, it is much slower at the beginning and gradually increases in speed over time. This feels a little odd when players start a run over again.

The second drawback is that the sound effects are not consistent and when players hit an obstacle the sound effect is delayed. This confuses players as they may think that they have passed an obstacle successfully when in reality, they hit the edge of it, ending the game.

Each run in RoboRun Space feels procedurally generated so players have to be aware of different obstacles

RoboRun Space is free on the App Store and offers an enjoyable yet challenging experience for people who enjoy Flappy Bird style games and who like the space theme to spend some of their spare time with.