The oversized iPhone 6 Plus needs an oversized thumb to match

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Mike Wehner
September 24, 2014 11:30 AM
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The oversized iPhone 6 Plus needs an oversized thumb to match
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Did you order an iPhone 6 Plus only to find that the phone was far too big when it finally arrived at your door? I mean seriously, the thing is practically a coffee table. But that's ok, thanks to Japan's Thanko Inc., which has come up with an absolutely genius solution to the phablet problem: A bigger thumb.

You read that correctly. A Japanese accessory maker has a massive slip-on thumb for sale that is designed to help you reach all the corners of your phablet without two hands. It's obnoxious and silly and it looks like a joke... but as far as functionality goes, it would seem to work just as well as any capacitive input device.

The third thumb is priced at 1,480 yen, or roughly US$13.50, and it even comes with a three-month warranty. You'd obviously get plenty of laughs if anyone ever saw you wearing something like this in public, but if you're particularly miffed by the unreachable corners of your iPhone 6 Plus, you might not care about the giggles.

[via Wall Street Journal]
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