Tilt Brush is a virtual reality app that lets you paint with light

We've seen some pretty nifty uses for virtual reality since the Oculus Rift hit the scene (bird-simulator, anyone?), but nothing quite like Tilt Brush. At its core, the app is a 3D painting program. Boiling it down to that is a little disingenuous, though. Making art with the Rift looks absurdly cool and you aren't limited to making a two-dimensional scene with Roy G. Biv -- Tilt Brush allows for painting with light, smoke and stars too. As The Creators Project points out, you can even export your masterpiece as a GIF. We aren't entirely responsible for the one above, that actually came from the video we've embedded just after the break. Considering that Oculus recently released the source code from its first development kit to the public, we can only hope more excellent VR applications like this are on the horizon.