Comedy Central for Xbox One serves 'South Park' and 'The Daily Show'

Not going to be home to catch the South Park season premiere this week, lack a DVR but have an Xbox One? We realize those conditions might narrow the field just a bit, but you shouldn't worry either way: the Comedy Central app is now available for Microsoft's newest gaming console. With it comes access to current shows the day after they air and a trove of past seasons and catalog programming, too. The Daily Show network notes on Xbox Wire that there's a bunch of stand-up specials and digital shorts available on the app (similar to its Xbox 360 counterpart) as well. The difference between this and Hulu Plus, of course, is that accessing the shows is free with your existing cable subscription. It's even more of a deal in the wake of Microsoft not requiring an Xbox Live Gold membership to access media apps. With enough time, the Xbox One could even start to pay for itself -- assuming you only watch Comedy Central, that is.