Global Agenda 2's closed beta expected 'before the end of the year if all goes well'

When last we heard about Global Agenda 2, we learned the promised sequel to 2010's Global Agenda was in line behind profitable MOBA SMITE for attention, and that announcement was made while its developers were admitting Tribes: Ascend was unlikely to ever get more love. But Hi-Rez Studios CEO Erez Goren broke radio silence on GA2 with a slew of spoilers on Reddit yesterday (apparently before he was shadowbanned for "vote manipulation" by angry Tribes players). The highlights?

  • It is in fact a "spiritual" successor to GA.

  • It'll have objective-based, 5v5 PvP with stats leveling during matches. E-sports will be supported, as will spectator mode.

  • Viewpoint is first- and third-person. "Shooting is from first person mostly."

  • There are "no strict classes." There is "no dedicated healer class." You just "select the way you want to play and join the queue."

  • A "dome city area" might serve as a gathering point for players.

  • He rattles off a whole list of weapons and off-hand items.

Clever Redditors surmise that the game might actually be named Global Assault. Closed beta is expected "before the end of the year if all goes well."

[With many thanks to Sorenthaz for the great tip!]