Myontec wants to add voice coaching to its muscle-monitoring fitness shorts

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Myontec wants to add voice coaching to its muscle-monitoring fitness shorts

Whenever I'm out for a run, there's a voice in the back of my head telling me to slow down and grab a sandwich. That's not particularly helpful when you're trying to shed pounds and achieve peak fitness, which is why Myontec wants to change what's being pumped into your brain. The Finnish company has taken to Kickstarter in the hope of both lowering the price of its costly MBody high-tech fitness shorts, but also to develop the ultimate replacement for a personal trainer in the process.

The shorts themselves currently retail for around $1,000, and can monitor your muscle load, heart rate, cadence, speed and balance. However, all of that information is pushed straight to your smartphone, so while it can identify if your running style needs fixing, you'll have to look down at your phone to learn what's wrong. That's not too much of an issue right now, because most of the people using MBody are professional athletes backed up with teams of analysts.

That's why Myontec is looking to develop an audio coaching platform that'll pipe those directions straight to your ears like the world's smartest personal trainer. For instance, if you're running in a manner that could make you more prone to injury, it'll tell you to concentrate on your position. Likewise, if your warm-up hasn't gotten your heart-rate to the required level to begin your workout, it'll tell you to keep warming up for a few more minutes. If this sounds like a pretty neat idea, then you can snag one of the sets for $500, with a few early-bird deals available for those at the front of the line.

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