OMsignal's biometric shirt watches you breathe, tells your smartphone about it

Most fitness wearables wrap around your wrist or clip to your belt, but the folks at OMsignal have distilled the category down to its most basic form: the shirt. "We've been wearing clothing all our lives," company CEO and founder Stéphane Marceau says. "It's the most natural and therefore the ultimate "wearable" medium." He's got a point, but that isn't what makes OMsignal's shirts special. The garment includes sensors that measure the wearer's heart rate, breathing and movement and pipes all that data to their smartphone via Bluetooth, which can calculate calories burned, workout intensity and other metrics. All this is powered by a removable data module, of course, which can hold a charge for about 30 workouts. Just make sure to remove it before you put the shirt through the wash. Unfortunately the garment isn't cheap (about $200 for pre-orders) -- and only Men's sizes are available at launch -- but the company hopes to create a women's collection soon.