Wahoo's new heart rate monitor also improves your running form

Many heart rate monitors can show that you're running quickly enough to get a good workout. However, they won't tell you that you're running properly -- which is why Wahoo has just unveiled the TICKR Run, a monitor that includes its own motion sensor. The wearable tracks not just your heartbeat and calories, but also your stride and overall smoothness; you should get a feel for the efficiency of your running style without having to use a separate foot pod.

There's also a treadmill mode for when you're stuck inside, and the monitor will talk to both Wahoo's iPhone app as well as third-party Android and iOS titles like RunKeeper and Strava. The movement tracking boosts the TICKR Run's price to $80/£65 versus the regular TICKR's $60/£50, but that might pay dividends if it helps you both refine your form and avoid buying additional gear.