A new project turns NYC subway ads into art... with an app

If you're a resident of The Big Apple, or have ever visited, then you know that subway platforms are filled with advertisements -- even some of the cars are completely wrapped in them. This is where a new app called No Ad comes in. Built by Re+Public, a team which focuses on using technology to "alter the current expectations of urban media," No Ad is an augmented reality application that replaces ads on the New York City subway system with art. It's simple, really. All you have to do is download the app, available for iOS and Android, fire it up, point your device at an advertisement and, just like that, you'll see a piece of art show up where you would otherwise see corporate propaganda. As it stands, Re+Public has turned 100 ads across the NYC subway compatible with the No Ad app, with 50 artists contributing their work to the project. We have a hunch Don Draper wouldn't like this idea too much -- but let's face it, he's probably too drunk to care.