Keep on trucking with RGB Express

Players plan routes for miniature trucks in RGB Express

Cute colorful miniature trucks need help navigating on their mission to pick up and deliver the correct blocks to houses in RGB Express. Players draw a line with their finger to direct where the trucks will go in this fascinating puzzle game. It is relaxing and enjoyably challenging at times. RGB Express is compatible with iOS devices running iOS 6.0 or later.

RGB Express has an interesting balance of relaxing gameplay while still being engaging. The difficulty level of each puzzle builds upon itself, making each level thereafter harder than the previous one. You will get to levels that are very challenging and require a fair amount of planning to complete. The beginning levels are really easy to get into and learning different strategies which will help you later on is enjoyable.

Players start RGB Express by drawing a path for one red truck to pick up a red block and then deliver it at the house. This makes up the base gameplay of delivering the correct colored truck to the correct colored block and house. In later levels, players have to plan out their paths more carefully to avoid running trucks into each other or delivering the wrong colored block to the wrong house.

Players plan routes for miniature trucks in RGB Express

The further players get in RGB Express, the more complicated the puzzles get and later levels throw obstacle in the player's way like bridges and buttons which can lower or raise a bridge. Some levels have multiple bridges that require players to think about which path will result in the correct bridge being raised. For instance, if players hit an orange button which raises the orange bridge before hitting the red button to raise a red bridge that is before the orange bridge, the truck may run into the red bridge and players would have to retry the level.

Another item that adds to the fun is the target icon that when tapped and a truck goes over the space, it will drop the last block it picked up. This is useful for some levels which require one truck pick up the wrong colored block and drop it for another truck to pick up.

After some time, players will unlock the white truck which can pick up any colored block. Oftentimes players will need to pick up different blocks in a particular order to deliver them correctly. For instance, the truck picks up a red block and then a blue block, it must deliver the blue block first. Some levels have the white truck and other colored trucks, which means players will have to plan which blocks to pick up with which trucks. This makes for exciting planning and puzzle solving. If the level is too hard to solve, players have five hints they can use which fills in some of the path. More hints can be obtained with an in app purchase.

Players route a white truck toward colored blocks to be dropped off at houses in RGB Express

RGB Express includes 240 levels, spanning six different sets which can be unlocked with coins players earn by completing levels. Each level set has four cities named for real world cities like Montreal and Seattle. This adds a little charm to already solid gameplay.

On the city select screen, each city is represented by a colorful building with 10 windows and one sky light. Each window represents a level in the city and will light up if a player has completed that level. The sky light illuminates when all of the levels in that city have been completed. This is a very interesting way to show visually how many levels are in each city and whether or not player have completed all of the levels yet.

Also on the city select screen, a little red truck sits on the road in front of the buildings and stays on the left side of the screen when players swipe through the menu in sequential order. When players swipe the opposite direction, the truck switches to the right side of the screen as if the truck is revisiting the cities. This is a cool way to show where players are in each menu and makes something as simple as a selection screen a lot more visually entertaining.

The amount of detail that went into RGB Express is very apparent in every interaction players have with the game, in the UI and in the solid puzzle design. RGB Express is US$2.99 on the App Store and highly recommended.