Corvette's 'valet mode' is illegal depending on where you live

When we took the Corvette Performance Data Recorder for a spin at CES this year we'd never have guessed that the system could cause a run-in with Johnny Law. As it turns out, the system's audio recording feature that activates when the car's put into valet mode doesn't jive with privacy statutes in a handful of states. In fact, using it could be a felony depending where you live. Chevrolet, for its part, is apparently attempting to skirt any legal issues that may arise by notifying dealerships and giving them letters to pass out to customers. The correspondence alerts owners about the possible privacy issue, as noticed by Jalopnik when a sample was posted to Corvette Forum.

The letter to owners, embedded below and via CorvetteBlogger, urges them to not use the mode until a fix is implemented that would bring Chevy back on the right side of the law. Should you still want to use the feature, the Bow-tie Company advises owners to let the temporary driver know in advance. For now, we can think of at least two car-hops who're probably ecstatic about this development.

[Image credit: Chevrolet]