Use slow-motion video to improve your game with Ubersense Coach

Ubersense Coach: Slow Motion Video Analysis screenshots

I am sure if you have watched enough sporting events on TV you have seen the analysts on the broadcast use slow-motion video to break down golf swings, batters hitting a baseball, tennis serves and much more. Now with Ubersense Coach: Slow Motion Video Analysis you can do the same thing at home with whatever sport you choose. This free app requires iOS 7.0 or later and works with all your iOS devices with cameras.

The app uses your camera to record video at up to 240 frames per second(if the device supports it) and then you can play the video back in super slow motion or even frame-by-frame so that you or your coach can breakdown your activity and find places for improvement.

Ubersense Coach also is set up so you can upload your videos to be seen by other users, download reference videos from others in the Ubersense community, and to organize your videos and mark favorites to make them easy to find.

Ubersense Coach: Slow Motion Video Analysis screenshots

For analysis you can play back the videos at a variety of speeds or a frame at a time to pinpoint specifics in your efforts. Ubersense Coach allows you to zoom and pan within the videos to make sure you can see clearly every aspect of your swing, serve, technique, etc. Users can also utilize drawing tools to mark specific areas,

I found one of the better features in Ubersense Coach was the ability to stack and compare two videos side-by-side. So you can use two golf swings for example, one where you hit the ball well, and the second that had issues. By looking at them next to each other it makes it easier to find out what went wrong with the bad swing. You can use two of your own videos or one of yours and compare it to someone from the videos listed in the app. The app also offers in-app purchases if you want to download videos of professional athletes from your particular sport.

Ubersense Coach: Slow Motion Video Analysis screenshots

If you do have a coach use the videos to check out how you are doing, the coach can add voice over comments to the video and add drawings pointing out issues and how to correct them like how wide your feet might be in the batter's box, or where you toss the ball when you serve.

I have used video with a golf coach of mine and found it quite useful and revealing. You certainly get a different sense of just what you are doing when you swing, serve, take a jump shot, or any other athletic move. For those of you who clearly want to improve your game, regardless of what it is, Ubersense Coach: Slow Motion Video Analysis can be a useful tool and is well worth your time to check it out.