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Sunday Morning Funnies: Stand up straight

Experience Boost

Sunday Morning Funnies is your weekly list of WoW-related web comics.

This week, in comics: A name exchange, anybody can fall down, a disrobing, new hooves. Plus: You can't escape your nemesis.

In comic news this week, Away From Reality and Father's Shield will be on a temporary, hopefully short, involuntary hiatus due to computer gremlins. Luckily, there's one new Away From Reality comic to enjoy this week, which will hopefully help ease the pain. Plus, as you may (not) recall, From Draenor With Love is also on a short hiatus, preparing the next chapter.

Fortunately, the rest of this week's news is positive. The Brotherhood of Iron has updated twice, with some mock BlizzCon posters. And there's a new storyline starting up on Gnomeregan Forever. Finally, On Teh Gladiators, the new Hearthstone-related content has already begun, which rocks; we didn't even have to miss the comic for one week!

I even have a surprise treat for you this week, courtesy of Jim from Gnomophobia (which has five new updates for you):