Aquarium of Boise gives the internet control of a tank-dwelling submarine

Maybe you like swimming. Maybe you like going to the aquarium. Maybe you'd like to do both without leaving your house. Now, you can: a new exhibit at the Aquarium of Boise allows anyone with an internet connection to take a virtual tour of one of its largest fish habitats using a remote controlled submarine. The telepresence sub can be controlled from the aquarium's webpage using either a computer keyboard or clicking on-screen controls. It works okay, but there's a noticeable delay: we had a hard time getting the LiveDiver sub to look at much else besides a wall. Part of this could be the tank's regular inhabitants: the aquarium says that Letterman, a gap-toothed mappa puffer fish, has taken to chewing the submarine's tether, disrupting service several times. Still, it's a neat exhibit and (provided Letterman hasn't fouled things up recently) you can try it out for yourself at the source link below.