Engadget Live hits Los Angeles this Friday!

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Engadget Live hits Los Angeles this Friday!

As we told you last time, there's lots going on in Los Angeles on Friday nights, but we still think our event trumps anything else you could possibly have planned. Our final Engadget Live event of the year kicks off at 7PM this Friday (October 3rd) at the Belasco Theatre.

Engadget Live is all about bringing together gadget lovers and tech brands. You (the gadget lover) will get to put your hands on some of the latest technology your friends haven't seen. Try out vaporized spirits from Vapshot, experience Jaunt's world of Cinematic VR, try out Huawei's powerful smartphones and much more that you can preview in the gallery below.

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  • Vapshot
  • Huawei
  • Jaunt
  • Modbot
  • G-Project
  • Live Nation Labs
  • Iolo Technologies
  • Meet the Engadget team!
  • What's Engadget Live?

So if you're in the Southland this Friday night, get your free tickets and we'll see you at the Belasco (not to be confused with the Velazco theatre, that's in New Jersey). Then we'll gear up for Engadget Expand, heading to New York on November 7-8!

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