JibJab is back with a personalized GIF maker

jibjab messages app

Wise to the fact that even your mom is over animated e-cards, a denizen of an internet past is trying to reinvent itself. JibJab -- which rose to fame a a purveyor of political satire and "Starring You" video gift cards -- is today launching JibJab Messages, an iOS app that lets you personalize GIFs with your friends' faces, filters, and meme-style text.

At launch the app features a selection of "hilarious" content for you to play around with for free, and after your first ten messages JibJab will be happy to sell you additional content for a buck. A single tap copies the final GIF to your clipboard, meaning you can share JibJab Messages with your social app of choice. Whether, in an age of Snapchat and Emoji-only messaging, people are in need of more messaging options remains to be seen, but if you're interested, you can check out our finest effort below or head to the App Store to try it out for yourself.

jibjab messages