Honeywell brings its £139 smart thermostat to the UK

While Honeywell might be synonymous with home thermostats, upstarts like Google's Nest have forced the company to remain on its toes. It showed US consumers that it could deliver a self-aware thermostat earlier this year, but in the UK, its connected options are relatively limited. That's changing somewhat today, with the company bringing a new low-cost solution to Britain. The Single Zone Thermostat, which has already enjoyed success across Europe, is designed to add smart features to your existing heating setup, like smartphone controls and remote scheduling. It's no Lyric or Nest, but thanks to an accompanying "internet gateway," the thermostat can sufficiently automate your home without the need for extensive and expensive upgrades. It connects to Honeywell's evoHome smart zoning system, too, letting you add another point of control in one of up to 12 rooms. Together, the Single Zone Thermostat and internet gateway will set you back £139 when it launches later this month -- a more affordable option for those who want advanced control over their home heating but don't want to pay through the nose for it.