Netflix to launch a King Kong cartoon for kids in 2016

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Mariella Moon
October 2nd, 2014
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Netflix to launch a King Kong cartoon for kids in 2016

Kids have now two mythical creatures to look forward to on Netflix: after dragons are done invading the streaming service in 2015, a colossal gorilla's slated to follow suit. The company has just announced that it's pairing up with Executive Producer Avi Arad (who also produced the Spider-Man, X-Men and Iron Man movies) to create a King Kong animated series, making the absence of Saturday morning cartoons sting just a bit less. This version's quite different from the Kong movies, as it's set in 2050 and depicts the famous gorilla as humankind's only hope against an army of robot dinosaurs. We'll find out whether Kong will also scale the Empire State Building in this one when Netflix begins airing it in 2016, beginning with a full-length film that's followed by 12 half-hour episodes.

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