Apple's upcoming iPad event may take place on October 16th

It's no secret that Apple tends to reveal its new iPads in October -- at least, that's been the company's tradition for the past few years -- so the big question has been exactly when in October we can expect to see these upcoming tablets. According to Re/code, which has a history of predicting such event dates with a high degree of accuracy, we should mark October 16th on our calendars. The report indicates that the launch will take place at Apple's Town Hall auditorium, so it'll be a smaller affair than last month's spectacle. While we haven't seen as many rumors of the new devices as we did with, say, the iPhone 6, there's been a lot of buzz about a new 12-inch model making the rounds in addition to the usual 9.7-inch Air and 7.9-inch mini. There's also a chance we'll see new options on the iMac side; and with OS X Yosemite and Apple Pay due very soon, you can count on some fanfare about those as well.

[Image credit: AP]