Steam now requires disclosure from sponsored Curators

Valve updated its policies for Steam Curators this week, requiring that curators disclose any compensation received for recommending games on the service. The company introduced Curators late last month, allowing any person or brand (such as good old Joystiq) to list their favorite games on the distribution service while linking out to reviews, videos or blogs about the games. Additionally, Gunpoint developer Tom Francis noted on Twitter that "Steam actually has just given devs the ability to curate which Curators appear on our Store pages" in its update.

With Steam Curators being one large piece of a major shift in Steam's increasingly hands-off storefront, paid placement on curator's lists was among the biggest concerns both developers and the service's top Curator, TotalBiscuit, told Joystiq last month. Valve's updated rules alleviate those worries, providing curators adequately disclose sponsored placement: "If you've accepted money or other compensation for making a product review or for posting a recommendation, you must disclose this fact in your recommendation," the policies state. Valve also added that recommendations "should not link to or promote any stores other than Steam."

[Image: Steam]