Fanatec has a solution for using its pricey Xbox 360 racing wheels on the One

One of the biggest hassles of upgrading to a new gaming console is that by and large almost all of the accessories and peripherals you bought for the previous one are incompatible. High-end racing-wheel outfit Fanatec isn't going to leave Xbox gamers high and dry, though. The outfit's recently announced that it'll soon release a "Fanatec wheel base" that allows you to plug in its existing lines of pricey Xbox 360 racing wheels, shifters and pedal sets into it and use them with Microsoft's newest gaming system. The outfit's also apparently closed a licensing deal with Redmond to bring new racing gear to the Xbox One as well. Considering the newly released Forza Horizon 2 and the upcoming The Crew and Project Cars, this should all be good news to virtual gearheads. Here's to hoping a company steps up and does something similar for PlayStation 4 owners soon, too.