Pick your battles wisely in Weapons Throwing RPG

Mission screenshot

Weapons Throwing RPG is a retro style RPG. The graphics and music have an anime design that is adorable and fun. The music sounds similar to that of other games from the 90s 16-bit era. It is an easy game to figure out and pretty simple to play. Although it looks like something that could have been played on a console in the early 90s, it is compatible with the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch and is optimized for iPhone with iOS 6 or later.

The design appears to be retro and simplistic but at a closer look, it is clear that there is a great deal of detail given to the scene illustrations in the game. I think it's an appealing look for users who would be interested in playing a classic and stylish RPG like this on their iPad or iPhone. The game made me feel like a character in a classic anime cartoon that takes place during medieval times. I can see users that typically play RPGs being drawn to the aesthetics of this cloudy and competitive world of knife throwing.

Weapon Throwing RPG screenshot

To play, a user picks weapons to fight your enemies and advance to new levels. You can throw knives in two ways: straight forward or flung in the air. You can use the knives to block throws made by your opponent or you can throw quickly to injure them. A user can also use an invisibility tool to disappear just before a weapon hits you. As you advance in each level a boat at the top of the screen moves forward to indicate your progress in the game. Right before you reach the end, the game warns that you must defeat a boss. This is typically a fire breathing dragon or another intimidating looking character.

You do have to be careful to choose just the right timing for throwing your weapons. If you throw too early or use all your weapons early on in a level, it will be difficult and nearly impossible to defeat the boss. You have to use defensive strategy to be sure to move forward in the game.

Players can go to the equipment store and purchase protective gear (like shields and armour) and more weapons. The method of payment in this cloudy feudal society is jewels. A user has the option to purchase jewels in order to advance further in the game with more weaponry and protection. US$0.99 will buy you 20 jewels, and US$9.99 will buy 300 jewels.


This game feels pleasant and sweet despite the fact that it entails throwing weapons to the death. I like that this game is both easy to play, but also complicated once you realize there are many options to purchase goods that can help you advance more smoothly in the game. The design is entertaining and playful. I can see RPG players of all ages enjoying Weapons Throwing RPG and defeating many fire breathing dragons in their missions.