Sunday Morning Funnies: Safer now

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Sunday Morning Funnies is your weekly list of WoW-related web comics.

This week, in comics: The butt of the jokes is not amused. A change of wardrobe. A seed of doubt is planted. Plus: Safety first!

In comic news this week, Away From Reality and Father's Shield are no longer on involuntary hiatus, because Erik's computer is fixed-ish! All in all, this was a pretty short hiatus, and didn't technically break Erik's streak of never missing a week, as last week, we had a new AFR and this week, we get Chapter 5 of Father's Shield. Away From Reality will be back on the list next Sunday.

In other news, Lackinganame (of Gratz) is asking for reader suggestions for the special Halloween 2014 picture. Head on over and leave a comment with your idea for a costume for one (or more) of the characters.

However, we also have several comics missing from this week's list. Several comics do not update every week, and of these, we are missing The Brotherhood of Iron, as well as Kibble & Bit and WoW, eh?, although we do have a new Sara & Kleeyo! Teh Gladiators missed the deadline, but if you missed last week's unveiling of the new Hearthstone-related direction, you should check it out. Also missing is The Warchief's Command Board and Contested Territory, plus From Draenor With Love is still on hiatus, preparing Chapter 4. Finally, NPC was not WoW-related, and so isn't on the list.

You should expect a fuller list next week. However, several of the comics present have posted multiple entries, and if you haven't yet taken the time to go through Gnomophobia (a recent addition) from the beginning, today is the perfect time!