Google expands definition of 'news,' adds Reddit to search results

Seen a few new sources showing up in the "news" section of a Google search lately? It isn't just you. Mountain View is pulling more websites into its news listings now including the likes of Reddit, as spotted by Search Engine Land. Google says that regardless of where it comes from, any content could show up under the "In the news" portion of a search -- even videos, press releases and social media posts. Brin and Co. note that this is an effort to expand the voices possible to give users the answer they're looking for online. Some examples Search Engine Land notes are the Yoast website-optimization blog popping up for "website maintenance" and the internet's front page appearing in searches for "TSA" and "Dunkin' Donuts." From what we can tell, however, that stops once you do an actual search under the Google News tab -- perfect if your definition of news is a bit stricter than Mountain View's.

[Image credit: Shutterstock]