Hanna and Henri - The Robot: A story of robots and friends

Players build a robot in Hanna & Henri - The Robot

Hanna & Henri – The Robot is an interactive storybook for children five years and under. The story focuses on Hanna, a young girl who has trouble telling time properly, and her journey to meet Henri so they can build a robot with Hanna's aunt. Hanna & Henri – The Robot features mini games the players can complete related to the events in the story to progress through the book. Hanna & Henri – The Robot is compatible with iOS devices running iOS 6.0 or later.

The first mini game players experience is a dress up game where players pick out clothes for Hanna to wear, including cool sunglasses or a tiara. This mini game is basic, but still rather fun and it allows players to customize their experience with a good variety of options to choose from.

There is also a matching mini game later on where players have to help Hanna put the correct fruit in the right basket. When players select a fruit, the narrator says what color and type of fruit it is, such as a green lime. This helps players associate colors with objects they may be familiar with, it also helps them be able to sort the fruit quickly.

Players sort fruit by color and type in Hanna & Henri - The Robot

Later on in the game, players get create a robot in a similar fashion to the dress up game at the beginning. This allows players to create a very custom styled robot, which is quite a lot of fun. After building the robot, players get to program it in a quick mini game where player tap the color of the light lit up in the middle of the device on the screen. This mini game is easy once players understand how to play it as it is a little unclear that players need to not tap on the lit up button but instead, select another button of the same color.

The white text on some of the backgrounds is hard read, which affects the benefits of using the game as a book children can read and not have to rely on a narrator. A darker background for the text area would be beneficial for making the text easier to read especially for younger readers. The art style in Hanna & Henri – The Robot has a classical storybook resemblance with a rich hand drawn feel to it. A lot of the objects on certain pages of the storybook are interactive which provides some added entertainment value to the story.

Player select clothes for Hanna to wear in Hanna & Henri - The Robot

Hanna & Henri – The Robot is US$3.99 on the App Store and recommended for parents of children five years or younger. The game and story keeps children entertained in an educational yet fun way with a good amount of replay value.