Vidgets has lots of widgets

Vidgets is a handy free iOS app that enables a number of Today screen widgets on your iOS 8 device. When you launch the app, you can choose to add any of 20 different widgets. The app features analog and digital clocks, status of your device (battery, storage, memory usage), and GPS information (analog or digital speedometer, altimeter and digital or analog compass). The app also provides current weather, a forecast, and temperatures for two selected locations, one of which can be your current location.

Vidgets offers a Pro version for US$2.99, but I think the free Vidgets are sufficient to get you started. You can customize the colors in the free version.

Widgets from third parties are new to iOS 8. Up until now, Apple provided widgets only based on data from Apple apps, but now the feature is wide open and several apps offer widgets available with just a pull-down gesture from the top of the screen.

Vidgets is pretty handy, and provides you with some useful info with a simple gesture rather than digging around for similar data buried in a folder on your iOS device somewhere.

Vidgets requires iOS 8 or greater, and it is optimized for the iPhpne 5, 6 and 6 Plus. Widgets are an exploding App Store category now that Apple allows them, so keep checking TUAW and we'll try to highlight the best of them.